PIM, DAM or both? Why PIM and DAM belong together The system landscape plays a critical role in product experiences. But it is often difficult to decide which software is suitable. Find out here whether a DAM or a PIM meets your needs for product experience management.
How to convince your boss of a PIM project! You need a PIM system, but you lack the PIM arguments? Here you can find out how to convince your boss of the value of a PIM project. From the objections to the correct answers.
Composable PIM PIM is essential in composable commerce. However, increasing customer requirements are pushing rigid architectural concepts of monolithic PIM systems to their limits. Time to take a closer look at Composable PIM.
PIM Market The Group of Analysts estimates that the global market for PIM will grow to $63.8 billion by 2030, representing a compound annual growth rate of 21.09 percent.
Do you need a DAM system? Many organizations face the challenge of keeping track of their growing collection of media files. This is where DAM systems come in. But who really needs a DAM?
The E-Commerce Roundtable Four experts from the fields of PIM, product communication and e-commerce talk about the true success factors for digital business, the markets they serve and the biggest challenges to engaging their customers on their digital journey.
Is there even a need for a PIM besides the online store? Getting started in online retail is very easy nowadays thanks to online store solutions like Shopware, Shopify or Magento. Do you still need systems like a PIM? You will get the answer here.
PIM-Systems in E-Commerce PIM systems have proven to be an indispensable tool that revolutionizes the way e-commerce companies handle product data.
Expert voice on PIM of the future How will PIM tools evolve in the future? What are the top three challenges in implementing a PIM tool? What is the term PXM (Product Experience Management) all about? Our expert Tobias Marks provides answers to these questions.
Content Journeys Especially in marketing processes, there is room for optimization in most companies and thus a lot of untapped efficiency potential. That’s why it’s worth taking a look at the individual workflows – the content journeys.
Market Performance Wheel (MPW) TGOA has published the Market Performance Wheel (MPW) for apollon. The new MPW measures its performance in the area of Product Information Management (PIM) or Product Experience Management (PXM).


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