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Product News

Next step in text automation

Retresco’s innovative feature combination “Textmodel Creator + Message Composer” is now available in AI Text. The next step in text automation: texting without texting.

OMN CI HUB-Connector also for Adobe Express

Now you can use your assets from OMN DAM directly in Adobe Express without leaving Express. The use requires a corresponding CI HUB license. meets OMN

We have integrated Retresco’s into OMN. From now on, you can automatically generate speaking texts from your structured data in OMN.

OMN CI HUB-Connector

OMN has a new connector: OMN CI HUB-Connector. This allows you to use your assets directly in various desktop programs without opening OMN DAM.

ChatGPT and Dall-E

Our OMN PIM got two new AI tools: ChatGPT (chatbot) and DALL-E (image generating AI). The OpenAI tools are now integrated into OMN and available.

Generative AI for Neuroflash

We have added Generative AI to our OMN to generate AI-powered text via Neuroflash. This allows OMN to generate unprecedented text from existing data.

Partnership with DeepVA

New partner including software on board: The Chainless GmbH with DeepVA. DeepVA is an AI-powered visual data analytics API that extends our portfolio into the visual AI space.

New Conversion Services

You can now easily convert your assets into different target formats with our new conversion services. Just ask your contact person at our company about it.

DeepL and glossaries

OMN can now also work with DeepL (machine translation tool) and glossaries. Thus, or with the help of the AI, you can now translate your texts better and also much faster.

Object Storage

You can now store your DAM assets in object storage in addition to classic file systems. The hierarchy-free storage type of data creates more scalability.

OMN goes Postgres (PostgreSQL)

Postgres can securely store a wide variety of data types and provides greater efficiency and scalability in the cloud. For these reasons, it is now our database management system for OMN.

AI Fashion

There is a new AI service specifically for the fashion industry: AI Fashion. This allows you to recognize and use object and associated attributes in your fashion assets.

Release 5.12 is coming

We do not know any standstill. Therefore there will be a new release of OMN soon. The release, OMN 5.12 is in its final stages and is scheduled for June 2023. Be prepared!

New AI function in OMN Accelerator

OMN Accelerator has got three new AI features: Integrated AI functions for translations, for text creation and for tagging.

Fashion data model

OMN Accelerator comes pre-configured. Just like for the fashion industry. But because we didn’t find the previous fashion data model 100% perfect, we simply revised it.

More editors and viewers

Our OMN Accelerator has received additional editors and a new viewer: The BulkEditor for the PIM system, the ImageEditor for the DAM and the QRCode Viewer, also for the DAM system.

Masks in DAM

We have revised the masks for standard fields in OMN Accelerator. The revision specifically affects the DAM area, i.e. the digital asset management system. This way you enjoy even more usability.

AdHoc tasks

Our OMN Accelerator has got another new feature: AdHoc Tasks. Easily generate spontaneous, ad-hoc tasks via Workflow Standalone Tasks.

Data conversion

OMN Accelerator has been extended with a new feature for data conversion: Conversion Service. The new data conversion capabilities leave no target formats open.

Major Release

Attention, attention! Our next major release is scheduled for Q3/23. You can look forward to OMN 6.00. As always, great new features and further optimizations await you.

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