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OMN: The tech platform for your mail order business

Despite distance, sell with precision!

Your customers make their purchasing decisions much more efficiently, as they are not tied down in terms of time and place. Therefore, it is enormously important that you score right from the start, because the selection of other mail order companies is huge. In addition, your customers today are more questioning. The origin, production conditions and ingredients of products are being scrutinized ever more critically today. But your customers are also willing to pay a little more for that. Don’t neglect your product info and go for OMN. With OMN, you have a tech platform that leaves no product questions unanswered.

Leave no questions unanswered

Standard product information is no longer enough. Your customers want more: health and the environment are in focus. Therefore, prepare your product information in such a way that no questions remain unanswered. OMN helps you get the info you need directly from your suppliers. Also, offer assets that allow your customers to experience your products in the best possible way. Whether via images, photos, videos, audios or documents. Because when imagination and reality match, you also have fewer returns. This protects our environment! And if you are unsure whether you have all the data, trust OMN. In OMN there is namely a Quali-Check. This ensures that only “mature” product information is displayed in your channels, so that your customers really have all the information they need.

Real Social Commerce

You can convey much more emotion through your social media channels. Why not use your social media presence to sell specifically, rather than just inspire? Because you can do a much more personal and attractive storytelling around your products in social media and thus create emotional shopping experiences. OMN delivers your product information for sale, automatically and adapted to your social media channel. Focus on storytelling and influencers and leave the rest to OMN.

Address in person

Mail order is impersonal? It used to be that way, because today AI helps you target your customers personally. OMN is already using AI to help you get your right customers, at the right time, with the right product. And that with a personalized address. OMN can derive patterns and correlations from the existing data and create offers based on them. Choose OMN and meet 100% of the interests and needs of your customers.

No compromises in
software selection

Don’t settle for bulky software solutions, after all, you will be working with the software on a daily basis and it should be easy to use. Nothing leads to more frustration than complex software. But not with OMN. During development, it was very important to us that OMN is not only technically up-to-date, but also easy to use. Because you want to start immediately and not have to do countless trainings until you can finally get started. Save unnecessary implementation costs and rely on OMN for immediate ROI.

Mail order with OMN


Forget software training. With OMN you instantly create top product info on all channels.


Everything runs automatically as fast as possible and is very easy to use. OMN makes it possible!


OMN will continue to function in this way in the future. So are you ready to take off in the cloud? We are!


  • Product information that convinces!

  • Despite distance personally!

  • Simply more turnover!

Modules of the OMN Product Experience Management Platform

Product Information Management


Have your product data under control, no matter for which channel.

Digital Asset Management


Bring order to your media data, whether photos, videos or files.

Channel Management


Fill your channels fully automated and always correctly.

Workflow Management


Automate your processes and achieve maximum digitalization.

Extensions for OMN


Customize OMN to your specific needs with various plug-ins.

Integrated Artificial Intelligence

AI Services

Increase your level of automation to the maximum through AI.

Was ist ein DAM-System?

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With us, you create unforgettable customer experiences that flush revenue into your coffers.


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