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No more mistakes, no more unnecessary costs!

Print does not forgive mistakes! Because if an error creeps into print materials, the effort to correct it is not only higher, it is also always associated with costs. So do everything right from the start, OMN supports you. Whether you are creating a flyer, a catalog, brochures, posters or business cards.

Database Publishing

Your content is growing rapidly? At the same time, there are other communication channels, all of which you have to handle quickly? Then it’s time for database publishing! With database publishing you can automate the creation of all your publications. Whether catalogs, flyers, technical data sheets or brochures! Once you’ve created your template in Adobe®InDesign®, Database Publishing takes care of the rest for you: page creation, updating, changes, language and country adaptation, correction processes, data preparation, and shipping. You wonder how? Thanks to a central source for a rule-based construction of documents with product data from the OMN PIM!

Automated catalog production

You have demanding catalogs whose design is complex? Then automate your catalog production and save an incredible amount of time! This is how it works: Create your catalog, including versions and variants, and even sample publications. Then configure layout modules (snippets) to use them over and over again. Add workflows for corrections or checks and then off you go! Watch as OMN imports the correct and up-to-date product data and outputs the result to you as a DTP or PDF document. Never again store product data manually in catalogs with OMN!

Production planning

Automation is great. Nevertheless, you should always keep an eye on what is currently in production planning. After all, print doesn’t forgive mistakes. In OMN, you can therefore view the status of your current productions at any time. Are you in Time? Are the resources enough? OMN will answer all these questions. One click and you can immediately see the scheduling of your tasks, appointments and resources, linked projects and the current status in real time. Just stay in the picture with OMN!

Team Publishing

A publication is never created by an individual. This happens as a team. Therefore, it is enormously important that the cooperation works perfectly. That’s why OMN offers you everything you need for your team play: A whiteboarding solution to prepare print pages directly in OMN and thus fully digitize page design as well as copywriter, photographer and graphic designer briefings! Our “Flatplan”, with which you can see the current status of your advertising material productions in a graphical page overview and visually! A central workflow solution for planning, controlling, correcting and approving your content. And much more. OMN creates real collaboration!

Auto Publishing

You rely on print mailings like postcards or inserts to reach your customers even better? Especially with shopping cart abandoners your mailings work wonders? Then don’t waste any more time from now on and react immediately with the right advertising material. How? With Auto Publishing. The AI-based solution makes the advertising material for you, fully automated and individually tailored to your customer. Without agencies. Without graphic designer. Without templates. Without long coordination times. All of this happens based on 50 metrics of AI. So Auto Publishing does all the content and graphic work for you, from aesthetics to typography to economic factors!

Digital Publishing

Need digital versions of your print publications? No problem for OMN! OMN simply turns your print media into digital twins, so you can deliver all your valuable content to devices like tablets and smartphones. Communicate fully with OMN without reinventing the wheel every time and really reach your customers everywhere!

Robo Publishing

Your products need explanation? So you provide technical data sheets to explain the uses and features of your product? How about using Robo Publishing to create your datasheets to make your job easier? Robo Publishing generates your data sheets for you. You can decide whether you only want to transfer content such as prices, material specifications, etc. to the document or whether you want to automate the entire creation process. Either way, Robo Publishing will save you a tremendous amount of time and you will never have to manually create or update datasheets again.

Online catalog

You focus on sustainability and want to offer your catalog digitally? Then just get in touch with us, because we will turn your print catalog into a modern and visually appealing online catalog! But not only catalogs, also ePaper. We combine print with e-commerce for you and create a digital catalog entirely according to your needs in the shortest possible time. Make it convenient for your customers and let them easily browse your catalog online. And if you wish, you can also link your online catalog to your online store. With one click, your customers will then go directly to the respective article!


You have decentralized distribution partners like dealers, branches or franchisees? You provide these marketing materials so you can be consistent and on brand? How about Web-to-Print then? This means that you not only provide your sales partners with materials, they are also able to make individual adjustments in predefined areas – according to defined criteria and in compliance with your design guidelines. With the help of the integrated personalization database, each advertising medium can also be personalized automatically on request. Whether it’s unified ad campaigns, localized inserts, store-specific promotions, or retailer impression management, increase the speed at which campaigns are implemented through automated processes entirely without media disruption. For a guaranteed consistent market presence at all times.

Print production with OMN


Forget software training. With OMN you instantly create top product info on all channels.


Everything runs automatically as fast as possible and is very easy to use. OMN makes it possible!


OMN will continue to function in this way in the future. So are you ready to take off in the cloud? We are!


  • Error-free print materials!

  • Cost and time savings!

  • Various tools for relief!

Modules of the OMN Product Experience Management Platform

Product Information Management


Have your product data under control, no matter for which channel.

Digital Asset Management


Bring order to your media data, whether photos, videos or files.

Channel Management


Fill your channels fully automated and always correctly.

Workflow Management


Automate your processes and achieve maximum digitalization.

Extensions for OMN


Customize OMN to your specific needs with various plug-ins.

Integrated Artificial Intelligence

AI Services

Increase your level of automation to the maximum through AI.

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