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You want a perfect interaction in marketing? With OMN WFM you digitize all your marketing processes. Task lists and workflow overviews support you in all your marketing projects. In this way, you simplify and automate the flow of complex processes and save not only time but also a lot of money. In addition, release processes ensure that you minimize errors.

Use of resources?

Do you feel like you’re over-investing time and effort into your marketing projects? There is a lack of structure and timelines are not transparent? Does this mean that projects take longer than desired or come to nothing?

Too many errors?

Tired of your marketing projects not running smoothly and incurring additional costs? It would be a dream if releases were process-based to simplify monitoring?

Lack of overview?

Do you lack an overview of your business processes in product communication – of the individual work steps and the distribution of roles and responsibilities?

OMN WFM creates …

Workflow Management System (WFM).
Automated processes!

With OMN WFM, you digitize your marketing workflows and create automated processes. Tasks are assigned, along with all information and tools, based on rights & roles, so that everyone in your team knows what needs to be done.

Absolute reliability!

Since task lists are automatically generated in OMN WFM, you not only improve your performance, but errors are also eliminated and timelines are met. Transparency and compliance you fulfill in no time. Your processes are documented.

360° view!

OMN WFM documents your processes and provides you with the transparency you need to react flexibly to errors and new requirements.


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Functions of OMN WFM

Process modeling

OMN WFM provides a platform for the modeling and organization of workflows and the targeted provision of tasks and information.

Rights and roles

OMN WFM assigns tasks based on roles and rights, which has a positive impact on collaboration and overall performance.

Central control

With OMN WFM, projects can be controlled centrally to ensure a smooth process, especially where many people work together.

Access from anywhere

With the web-based OMN WFM, everything related to workflow can be managed and supported at any time and from any location.

Task lists

OMN WFM triggers processes and generates task lists, maintaining the order in which tasks are processed.


Because OMN WFM automatically documents all processes, compliance and transparency are met in an instant.

360° view

OMN WFM documents and analyzes processes, providing a 360° view of projects and making weak points easily visible.

Connection to PIM, DAM, CM

OMN WFM can be connected to other systems such as PIM or DAM and is able to control the processes between the individual systems.



OMN WFM is very user-friendly to create your own marketing workflows quickly and easily. Therefore, not only developers can model workflows, but also users. For this purpose, we rely on the leading workflow technology Camunda. So not only do you have digital marketing processes that create structure and clarity, through maximum automation you also complete tasks and projects more efficiently. Your workflows are optimized not only within your department, but also across departments. With OMN WFM you give your team more room for the actual creative tasks instead of worrying about responsibilities and due dates.


OMN WFM aims to digitize your marketing processes and optimize them to the maximum. You feel the improvements not only in your department, but also across departments.


With OMN WFM, all the information needed is always available to those involved. This ensures smooth collaboration, prevents errors and increases productivity and employee motivation many times over.


Performance improves thanks to the automatic generation of task lists. Your tasks will be assigned according to rights & roles, so you can be absolutely sure.


Your processes are automatically documented with OMN WFM. This not only simplifies monitoring, but also makes it easier to detect and eliminate potential vulnerabilities.


With OMN WFM, you get a proven, industry-neutral workflow management system with a short time-to-market. And if your processes change, you can always adapt them yourself. Without additional costs!


OMN WFM is web-based. You only need internet and a browser. This allows you and your team to access your marketing tasks from anywhere, at any time, and enables location-independent collaboration.

Workflows that you can create
with OMN WFM

Marketing processes

Design, media design, product maintenance, agency briefing, social media, events, online stores, marketplaces

Technical processes

Data procurement, import and export, licenses, data handling, housekeeping

Everything for your perfect product experience

OMN modules in interaction

Product Information Management


Have your product data under control, no matter for which channel.

Digital Asset Management


Get your media data in order, whether photos, audio, video or files.

Channel Management


Fill your channels fully automated and always correctly.

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For which companies is an OMN WFM worthwhile?

Basically, every company and every project manager benefits from OMN WFM, i.e. from systemic support in the organization and control of work processes. In particular, large organizations that need to coordinate multiple locations, business processes, and employees should consider OMN WFM to provide visibility and foster collaborations.

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Frequently asked questions about Workflow Management

What is Workflow Management?

The term “workflow” is defined as the spatial and temporal sequence of related work processes at a workstation. Accordingly, workflow management deals with the control of workflows or the design of the correct (optimal) workflow. This is done with the involvement of the process participants as well as through the support of electronic systems. The workflow management coordinates the usually large number of employees who work on subtasks of the process and is concerned with the control of the process flow as well as the processing status.

Why do I need a workflow management system?

Where can processes be improved, simplified or even automated? It’s a question every executive will ask. Especially with routine, daily tasks, delegation is time-consuming. This is where a workflow management system can help. A workflow management system is therefore software that supports and digitizes the above-mentioned workflow management tasks. The workflow management system pursues the goal of consistent, digitized process handling, a reduction in throughput times, and a high level of process transparency. Workflow management systems simplify and automate the flow of complex processes and can save a lot of money as well as time. In addition, errors can be avoided. These goals are achieved with the help of various system components. First and foremost, these components include a function for (business) process modeling and its organization. Another function is the workflow engine, which controls processes. It monitors individual processes and triggers new processes after their completion. A monitoring component is another part of a workflow management system. It allows for analysis that feeds back into the original business process modeling.

What makes OMN WFM so special?

Processes are planned, implemented and controlled in OMN WFM using the leading workflow technology Camunda. Therefore, workflow modeling is designed to be user-friendly for both developers and users.

What is Camunda?

Camunda is a workflow engine to model, automate and implement workflows (business processes). The modeling is done with the free tool Camunda Modeller, which allows the modeling of processes using the BPMN standard very easily.

Can I create an ad-hoc workflow in OMN WFM?

Yes. With the OMN App “Ad-Hoc Workflow” you can easily and quickly assign simple and repetitive tasks to any other OMN user without having to define and implement this process individually in advance. The recipient of the task can ask queries or mark the task as completed. All workflows are transparently tracked and logged. Examples include item data maintenance tasks, asset review, or document approval.

What about updates?

Thanks to agile bi-weekly development sprints, OMN WFM continues to stay on the cutting edge of technology. Unit tests, integration tests and automated E2E tests ensure smooth updates in your daily work.


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