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Channel Management

Omnichannel publishing with system for your sales channels

Bring content to your sales channels with
products your customers will love!

Manage your product content centrally and precisely for the respective touchpoints along the customer journey and create real product experiences that your customers will love. With OMN Channel Management (CM) you plan and control all your output channels centrally: Clearly arranged and completely system-supported! Whether online stores, marketplaces, websites, print or online catalogs: Intelligent workflows automate and accelerate your processes for publication creation, approved content (digital assets, catalogs, data sheets, documents) is available to internal and external teams worldwide – digital heaven on earth. And with optimized project coordination, you’ll be super relieved in touchpoint management.

With OMN CM from multichannel management to
crosschannel management to omnichannel management

Omnichannel Management (CM)
Your central overview!

Your products have to be distributed over several channels, because your customers buy them sometimes in the online store, sometimes on marketplaces or sometimes in the store? So-called channel hopping is the norm today. With OMN CM you centrally manage your sales channels. In the intuitive tree structure, you can see your sales and information channels in real time, along with the associated marketing measures, advertising materials and projects.


You determine your channels and leave the rest to OMN CM. This way, you make better use of your resources, as you relieve your employees through optimized project coordination and at the same time save an enormous amount of time. Produce your digital product catalogs, your flyers and your catalogs, and much more efficiently and securely through seamless integration of OMN with Adobe InDesign, Office365 and many other applications.

Expand your channels!

With OMN CM you can easily try new channels. You just need to add another channel, define the structure and fill it with the relevant product data and product images in an automated way. Created once and published several times: You need your product information in your online store as well as in your mail-order catalog, for advertising via Facebook ads as well as for print ads – BUT of course prepared precisely for the respective channel. For example: You want to publish SEO-optimized long texts in your store, but with different texts in marketplaces or other channels. No problem with OMN CM!

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Channels you can operate with OMN CM

Online stores
Social Media
Print catalogs
Online catalogs

Perfect product presentation

OMN modules in interaction

Product Information Management


Have your product data under control, no matter for which channel.

Digital Asset Management


Get your media data in order, whether photos, audio, video or files.

Workflow Management


Automate your processes and achieve maximum digitalization!

Was ist ein DAM-System?

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With us, you create unforgettable customer experiences that flush revenue into your coffers.

Frequently Asked Questions about Channel Management

How is channel management defined?

The term channel management covers all the activities of a company that relate to the support and management of its sales channels.

What is channel management?

Whereas goods used to be offered almost exclusively in stores, i.e. on site, distribution channels have expanded significantly in modern times. We also owe this to the interests and purchasing habits of consumers. In order to provide customers with broad access to the company’s own products, it is therefore necessary to develop different sales channels, which should, however, be interrelated. Customers thus have diverse options for accessing goods and services regardless of store hours or spatial restrictions. To take full advantage of these opportunities, professional coordination and control are required. To meet this challenge, many companies attach importance to professional channel management.

When and for whom is a channel management system worthwhile?

Channel management is a function of distribution policy whose task is to plan, coordinate and control all activities in the distribution channels. Due to the increasing complexity of distribution policy and the asymmetrical distribution of power between the market partners (trading concentration, buyer power), CM has proven to be particularly useful for those industrial companies that have a large sales organization and are heavily dependent on retail.

Which store systems can be used with OMN CM?

Because we rely on EAI (Enterprise Application Integration), we can offer flexible and easily extensible system integrations, while providing comprehensive capabilities to import and export various data. Whether Shopware, Magento, Spryker or other store systems. OMN CM provides every online store with the data it needs.

Can I also serve marketplaces?

With the marketplace connection via the OMN-Connector you can place your products directly in all relevant marketplaces. Your product information is automatically adapted from OMN PIM to the specifications or transformed according to the specifications of the respective marketplace. Thanks to the connection to marketplaces in over 42 countries, you can also quickly expand your internationalization strategy.

Which marketplaces can OMN CM play on?

OMN CM can play almost all marketplaces. These include Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, Rakuten, DaWandaOtto, Zalando, Etsy, About You, and many more.

What is an online catalog?

An online catalog is the digital edition of your print catalog. Check out our flipaio solution if you also want to include an online catalog as another sales channel.

What about updates?

Thanks to agile bi-weekly development sprints, OMN CM continues to stay on the cutting edge of technology. Unit tests, integration tests and automated E2E tests ensure smooth updates in your daily work


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