Furniture configurator increases customer satisfaction and optimizes ordering process

Highly customizable goods such as system furniture, office and practice equipment are very much in vogue with customers. Diverse options and the ability to tailor products precisely to one’s own needs are the driving arguments here. However, the configuration of such system products on paper – whether with catalogs, order forms or telephone coordination with the sales contact – is often a complicating factor in this product range. At this point, online configurators become relevant, with the help of which the ordering process can be graphically prepared and implemented in an almost playful manner.


Products to experience

Improve user experience and increase customer satisfaction

Optimize workflow

Automate the ordering process and make order processing more efficient

Simply explained

Making products in need of advice sellable online


Customers of Hellmut Ruck GmbH in Neuenbürg have recently been able to configure and purchase products for practice equipment such as cabinets, chairs and special furniture in the online store. With around 7,000 products, 250 employees and its own school for podiatry, Ruck is a leading and innovative manufacturer, specialist retailer, trainer and consultant for podiatry, foot care, cosmetics and wellness.

The special feature of the configurator solution is that all equipment variants can be rendered and visualized in real time…



„Seit der Einführung des Online-Konfigurators konnten wir 2/3 der Fehlbestellungen reduzieren. Parallel haben wir den Online-Umsatz im Bereich Einrichtung um rund 50% steigern können. Und das sehr positive Feedback unserer Kunden und die internen Rückmeldungen zur besseren Beratungsqualität setzen dem Ganzen die Krone auf.“

Cindy Kroszewski, Leitung Marketing | e-Commerce bei HELLMUT RUCK GmbH


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