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Omnichannel Marketing Systems

For companies, knowledge of their customers’ preferences and interests is an important asset. Identifying and analyzing the touchpoints that connect them with their customers is therefore an important task. An omnichannel marketing system is the right tool for this because it bundles all the systems and data involved, enabling marketers to orchestrate customer experiences.

Customer Experience

Omni comes from Latin and means “each” or “all”. In addition to channels, in marketing it refers to the inclusion of all touchpoints in the customer approach. The touchpoints, which include not only offline but also online and digital channels, are both sales and information channels. Omnichannel marketing is a new marketing discipline that gives equal consideration to the customer on truly all channels, whether for sales purposes or purely for information. And this is the big difference to multichannel or cross-channel marketing. That’s because omnichannel marketing focuses on seamless customer experience.


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