Compass and SEALAND24

Online store relaunch: Not just technology, but also design

Compass is the first port of call when it comes to water sports equipment. SEALAND24 specialises in sophisticated leisurewear and innovative functional clothing. It is therefore not surprising that around 100,000 orders are placed every year via the 15 Compass and SEALAND24 online shops. As the online shops were getting on in years, especially in terms of performance and loading times, the online business was scrutinised more closely. In addition, the discontinuation of Shopware 5 support was imminent, which made a prompt migration to Shopware 6 necessary in order to ensure continued security and functional updates. In the course of this, the company decided not only to bring the technology up to date, but also to redesign it. As they had already had good experiences with apollon in the past, the PIM system also came from apollon and apollon also had a solution concept for the current problems, the company decided to award the relaunch of its 15 online shops to apollon.


Shop performance and hosting costs

Improving the performance and loading times of the 15 online shops and reducing hosting costs.

Switch to Shopware 6

Conversion of all 15 online shops to “Shopware 6” including the creation of a new design.

Optimisation of the data

Shortening the runtimes for data updates and increasing the quality of search results.

Independence from service providers

Independence from agencies to shorten response times.

The relaunch project

The relaunch project was launched in December 2022 and went live in autumn 2023. As this was a complex project, not only the marketing department was entrusted with the relaunch, but also the purchasing, IT and customer service departments. In this way, the company ensured that the redesign was considered in its entirety. Today, the 15 online shops are characterised by outstanding performance and offer numerous advantages that improve both the user experience and operating costs …



Shopware version 6 with a new design.


Implemented, various
Shopware Plug-Ins.


PIM, DAM, Channel and Workflow Management.


Connection of shops to all systems (PIM, ERP etc.)

Customers Voice

Online Store: Not only technology, but also design

“The performance of an online store plays a very important role. When switching to Shopware 6, we paid particular attention to ensuring that our site was not only faster, but could also be quickly customised by ourselves. Thanks to apollon, we have now created a system that we can maintain independently and even further develop ourselves in some areas.”

Michael Dehler, Managing Director of Compass


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