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apollon, leading software provider for marketing automation and product data communication, has been awarded as top employer and is now listed under spitzen-arbeitgeber.de in the category IT. Companies listed on spitzen-arbeitgeber.de stand for fair and transparent working conditions. Admission requires criteria and quality standards that must be met by participating companies.

In recent years, there has been a major shift from an employer market to an employee market. In the course of this, the requirements for a potential employer also became more and more demanding. In order to bring more transparency into the market here, spitzen-arbeitgeber.de was brought into being. This is an association of employers who want to make the courted recruiting market more transparent. Applicants should be able to check on the platform “spitzen-arbeitgeber.de” whether the employers listed there correspond to their personal ideas of a working environment. For a quick overview, the listed employers are divided into ten different categories, such as IT. Another filter option is by country. These currently include Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Inclusion in the listing requires criteria and quality standards that must be fulfilled by the respective companies before a distinction as a top employer is possible.

apollon is one of the best employers
apollon is a software house that is very familiar with digitalization and knows what female employees expect from an employer and the working environment in the digital age. Thus, mobile working was already an integral part of workplace design at apollon before Corona and the accompanying contact restrictions. For this reason, the more than 85 employees at the Pforzheim, Bielefeld and Hamburg sites did not have to adjust to the new way of working and the uncertainties this entailed.

As a modern employer, apollon not only sets the course for contemporary workplace designs, the personal well-being of its female employees is also very close to apollon’s heart. In addition to numerous benefits such as employee events, team meals and the self-determinable working hours, apollon also offers a relaxed, flexible and trusting environment. Continuing education is particularly important. Therefore apollon offers many opportunities to build up expert knowledge and to constantly develop. Lifelong learning is the program. Working in a team under flat hierarchies gives every employee the opportunity to contribute and be heard. In addition to some freedom, the way of working also entails a high degree of responsibility at an early stage, so that even the many trainees and students are fully integrated into the team right from the start. Motivation and joy in the daily tasks are high on apollon’s agenda and are crucial for quality and performance.

“Today, applicants expect more than just reputation. The focus is on work-life balance, although the term is now changing to work-life integration. This is triggered by digitalization, which links everything together and can seem very stressful for employees at first glance. That’s why we at apollon don’t try to create a strict separation of work and private life. Rather, it is about a balanced way of working. Because only balance creates stress reduction and thus maximum productivity. Thanks to mobile working, it is possible to work from anywhere with flexible working hours. If, for example, you find on vacation that you want to add another week or you want to emigrate, you can do so without harming your career and income. I think this harmony, in addition to all the benefits, was the deciding factor in us being named a top employer.”, so Norbert Weckerle, CEO at apollon.

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