apollon announces out-of-the-box variant of Online Media Net (OMN)

OMN Accelerator enables instant product communication

apollon, leading software provider for marketing automation and product data communication, has released an out-of-the-box variant of its omnichannel marketing system Online Media Net (OMN): OMN Accelerator. The OMN Accelerator is the cloud-based standard version of apollon’s omnichannel marketing system OMN.

The special feature of OMN Accelerator is that the OMN system can be used without prior, extensive customization. This avoids high project costs and saves valuable time at the same time. The OMN Accelerator also makes it possible for the first time to deliver OMN to customers in an industry-specific standard via the cloud and without the intervention of a project team. The out-of-the-box variant can thus be set up ready to run in half an hour.

Individual customizing, for example to connect internal or external systems with OMN or to make group-specific GUI adjustments such as special maintenance views, is also possible flexibly at any time afterwards: by the customer himself or by an OMN integrator of the customer’s choice.

The OMN Accelerator is especially interesting for companies that need a powerful system and take a holistic approach. Especially if time for implementation is to be saved – OMN Accelerator is available immediately – no high project costs are to be incurred and maximum flexibility is required, then OMN Accelerator is the best choice in the price/performance comparison. The deployment takes place across all industries.

Technical equipment
The OMN Accelerator is technically based on the proven modules from the OMN Suite. These include the DAM system, the PIM system or both – with all functions and predefined, very extensive data models and maintenance views. If required, the OMN Accelerator also has a channel and workflow management system, as well as various optional AI services to automate and accelerate content creation and distribution.

The PIM system is used to manage product information and the DAM system manages and delivers product-specific media such as images, videos, documents and 3D objects. The Channel Management module is the solution for managing sales channels such as online stores, marketplaces or print materials. The Workflow Management module supports the digital mapping of marketing processes during content creation, release and distribution. Thus, the OMN Accelerator contains all relevant modules and functions that are technically required for a fully comprehensive product experience.

Classifications and grading
To ensure that the customer’s relevant product information can be efficiently maintained and managed, suitable classifications, storage structures and attributes must be created in the PIM system. Therefore, the OMN Accelerator has a conceptual data model that is industry-specific. The data model describes the global, logical structure, including inheritance, of all product data of a company (or at least of a subarea), independent of implementation, and presents it in a tangible and systematic form in a structured manner. At the same time, the pre-packaged data models are delivered with suitable classification and storage structures as well as attributes for different industries. These data models are very extensive, standardized and cover a wide spectrum. The customer can of course adapt the data model independently if necessary. A data model that is as generic as possible is correlated with the output channels.

Norbert Weckerle, CEO at apollon: “With the OMN Accelerator, our new customers are able to install OMN globally and directly in the cloud, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), persectively also Alibaba or Azure, and to use it immediately. The installation takes place in real time, according to predefined parameters that the customer defines independently based on his needs (industry characteristics, system sizing, functional modules and services). Thus, the customer is able to immediately maintain and distribute high-quality product data, use artificial intelligence and place his products in various digital marketplaces!”

Details about the OMN Accelerator: click here

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