Automated creation of 5,000 catalogue pages

Although Hager has an in-house PIM system, the catalogues were created manually. This was associated with long process times (both internally and externally due to pre-press service providers). In 2013, Hager decided to introduce a print publishing solution to improve performance and reduce dependency on external service providers. The goal: highly automated in-house catalogue production. The challenge: finding a suitable print engine for docking to their own PIM system. The decision was made to use Online Media Net (OMN).



Introduction of a print publishing solution for the automated in-house production of the main catalogues.


Finding a suitable print engine for docking with Hager's own PIM system.


Improvement in performance by reducing the internal and external process run times.



Optimal integration of Online Media Net with Hager-PIM thanks to open interfaces.


Merging of all product data and automated control of catalogue production.


Status display on the progress of catalogue production at any time with the OMN "flatplan" plug-in.

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