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apollon Business Breakfast in Hamburg

Einladung zum Business Frühstück am 25. März 2020 im KAI 10 in Hamburg

apollon, leading software provider for marketing automation and product data communication, will host a business breakfast on 25 March 2020 on the topic „Game Changer AI: Intelligent product placement in digital markets“. Invited are decision makers from retail, mail order and industry who want to present their products in digital markets in an automated and real-time way. The venue is the KAI 10 in Hamburg.


Digital markets – whether online shops or marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay – have long been the dominant sales channels of our time. Therefore, there is no question today that products must be present in digital markets. The most important prerequisite: the presence of the digital product twin. For this reason, apollon is organizing a business breakfast in Hamburg for the first time. The companies will be presented exclusively and compactly how they can be present in new digital markets and how they can further expand their existing markets. Special attention will be paid to Artificial Intelligence (AI), the sensible use of which enables a significant increase in efficiency and a simultaneous reduction in costs. Therefore Dr. Sven Koerner, founder of thingsThinking and one of the top 18 AI experts worldwide, will open the event after a joint breakfast with his keynote speech „The First Rule of AI – The Easy Problems Are Hard, Hard Problems Are Easy“. Koerner explained the basics of AI to the guests and showed what is possible today and tomorrow. Afterwards, Norbert Weckerle (CEO, apollon) and Tobias Marks (Director Sales, apollon) will introduce the new release of Online Media Net (OMN) and give a live demonstration of the new AI-based services in OMN 5 for automated image data recognition, image release and intelligent creation and translation of product information. Niklas Schultes, Head of Marketing at ORSAY/PIM-Consult, will conclude the event. As a long-standing apollon customer, Schultes reports how OMN and the associated AI services have considerably reduced ORSAY’s time-to-market.