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Artificial intelligence (AI) makes image Cropping at the Pforzheimer Zeitung (PZ)

The European Newspaper Award is Europe’s most important competition for good newspaper layout. The award’s mission is to promote the exchange of ideas across Europe on the concept and design of newspapers in print and online. The competition is organized by layout expert Norbert Küpper. In the media, the competition is therefore also referred to as the „Oscar of the newspaper industry. It is therefore not surprising to want to receive the coveted award. The „Pforzheimer Zeitung“ also thought so and took on the jury. And with Bavour! For many years now, the Pforzheimer Zeitung (PZ) has been a regular winner of the European Newspaper Award. In 2020, for example, the Pforzheimer Zeitung received seven awards in six categories – no other local newspaper in Germany or Europe has won more. The decisive factor is the combination of high-quality journalism and outstanding visual appearance of the Pforzheimer Zeitung. The Pforzheimer Zeitung attaches great importance to the design and quality of its photos. This quality standard of editing photos individually is rather unusual in the publishing industry and distinguishes the PZ from many other local and regional newspapers.

In order to continue to maintain the high quality of the images and to optimize processes related to image processing to a greater extent, the Pforzheimer Zeitung decided to rely on new technologies. The AI-based service „AI-Mask“ from the long-standing partner and service provider for the apps and the e-paper – apollon – came at the right time.



Automated image cropping or the automated removal of distracting backgrounds from images and photos.

Process optimization

Maximum process automation in the professional creation of images.


Adaptation of the AI service to the needs of the publishing industry, including connection to the editorial system.


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