Shaping the future of the sports car out of enthusiasm and conviction – that is Porsche. But it is not only the future of the sports car that is in focus at Porsche, but also the relationship with the customer. This is why the Stuttgart-based sports car manufacturer has decided to address its prospective customers individually and in a personalized manner. A solution has been created to send Porsche prospects a print brochure as a follow-up mailing after they have personally configured their car. The brochure contains the configuration of the vehicle created by the prospect as well as information about the dealer and salesperson. The brochure is 40 pages long and is delivered by mail within a few days.


Since the previous solution was managed exclusively by the external service provider and lacked transparency, a new system was needed. The goal: An automated system that helps to improve the scalability and flexibility of the individualized content and at the same time ensures to roll out both the brochures and the digital content in additional markets in a cost-efficient way. Within the scope of a tender, apollon convinced with the omnichannel software „Online Media Net“ and received the order from Porsche.



Personalized addressing of Porsche prospects in real time.

Print brochure

Individual follow-up mailing with 40 pages in edition 1.


Encrypted microsites for Canada and Asia/Pacific.


After apollon received the acceptance, it went directly into the implementation. The modules PIM, DAM, Channel Management and Workflow Management from the Online Media Net-Suite came into question. In OMN PIM the series as well as special equipment are managed, OMN DAM delivers the corresponding image material, OMN Channel Management records the channels and OMN Workflow controls the corresponding processes. Thus, a holistic solution was created, which not only generates Porsche’s print brochures, but at the same time also creates microsites, which are sent to the prospective customers in a completely individual and personalized way, similar to the follow-up mailings. The brochure arrives by mail and an encrypted link to the microsite follows by e-mail.

The big advantage for Porsche is that Online Media Net gives the sports car manufacturer more transparency and leeway. For example, Porsche can initiate changes in the application directly, exchange pages of the microsites itself, or even define new rules on its own. Online Media Net has also increased speed considerably. Thanks to live rendering, the sports car is generated in the cloud in real time, even if it has not yet been built. This means that the e-mail for the microsite can be sent to the prospective customer directly on the same day. Initially for Canada, the Asia/Pacific markets will follow in the next step. The microsites fully exploit the digital advantages and, thanks to integrated videos, sounds and 360° views, provide the prospective customer with an even better, more personal basis for decision-making. Porsche dealers, on the other hand, enjoy a cost-effective, highly professional marketing measure that once again significantly pushes sales of the sports cars. In addition to pure sales, the microsites also enable upselling. This allows Porsche to offer its customers additional options, such as sports exhaust systems, which were not requested in the configuration. And to give the customer enough time to make a decision, the microsites are accessible for six months. The interested party can also share them with others if required.

Parallel to the microsites, the individual print brochures (follow-up mailings) follow very quickly. They are produced by connected printers who enable worldwide dispatch. In total, Porsche is thus able to deliver 1.5 million pages. Tracking integrated into Online Media Net ensures that Porsche has an insight into the mailings at all times and can always track the stage at which the respective print brochures are (in production, in delivery, etc.).

Thanks to Online Media Net, potential Porsche customers have the opportunity to actively engage with the product and experience an excellent product experience through Porsche – both digitally and in real terms in print.


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Porsche interested party

Receives its encrypted microsite including videos, 360° views and sounds on the same day.

Porsche employees

The 40-page follow-up mailing is already personalized and individualized in circulation 1 and pushes sales.

Porsche Group

Real-time customer engagement with customized content on your own and without losing time.