popken Fashion Group

A fine thing: managing fashion brands across channels

Over 40 years of experience in the fashion business makes the Popken Fashion Group one of the major players in its industry. The company operates more than 600 branches worldwide and has over 4,000 employees. In addition to various online shops for its own four brands Ulla Popken, JP 1880, GINA LAURA and STUDIO UNTOLD, the fashion creations are also sold through numerous franchises and shop-in-shop partnerships. The Popken Fashion Group relies on the holistic, integrated Online Media Net (OMN) system to efficiently supply its numerous catalogues, online shops and marketplaces with the product information from its four brands.



Sustainable optimisation of the entire chain of business processes (clients, languages and sales channels).

Future-oriented tool

A central, future-oriented tool for controlling all business processes and for automatically supplying all shops and print productions.

Highly targeted

Target group-specific product presentation in online shops with the possibility of multiple categorisation of items.



Integrated control of marketing processes, taking into account clients, languages and various output channels.


Single point of truth for all product data including language variants as well as the linchpin for quality-assured assets.


Reliable, automated control and equipping of all shops and print productions.

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