ORSAY cannot fail to impress with brilliant omnichannel

Fashion companies, especially those aimed at a younger target group, have to offer new goods every week so that consumers do not lose interest in the brand. Despite all their experience, this is always very burdensome for those doing the work. Fundamental structural changes in the fashion industry also contribute towards this. Increasing vertical integration and online sales channels leave their mark on the industry’s annual accounts. The trick is to perform well despite the economic challenges – across all sales channels. Maintaining an overview is a must. Those who can keep the processes lean and optimise them across all sales channels, in spite of the product volume and the high turnover rate, have a clear competitive advantage – as is the case with the German fashion company ORSAY, which has positioned itself for the future with the omnichannel software solution, Online Media Net (OMN).


Flow of information

Improvement and optimisation of the information flow in the area of product management, marketing and sales.


Standardisation and automation of the processes for the provision and management of product information.


Marketing system with intuitive user interface and no additional installations required on computers.



OMN is a company-wide communication platform that optimises the information supply chain.

Improved processes

Improved processes through the accurate illustration of internal ORSAY workflows for quality-assured data.

High usability

OMN is web-based with a high level of usability and is simultaneously future-proof and upgradable thanks to modularity.

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