Hellmut Ruck

A professional shop system in just a few steps

Complete implementation of the new e-commerce presence of Hellmut Ruck GmbH from Neuenbuerg took no longer than four months. The basis for this was the e-commerce software „Shopware“ and the omnichannel solution „Online Media Net“ (OMN). In addition to the web shop and print production, Ruck also uses apollon’s flipaio digital catalogue and a self-developed app for the Ruck sales staff, which is supplied with data from
Online Media Net.


E-commerce presence

A new e-commerce presence with a short implementation time, mobile capability, and customer verification when registering online.


Enrichment of the product master data with marketing information and subsequent omnichannel export.


User-friendly transfer of the existing data into the new system.



Central platform with the combination of PIM, MAM and CM as well as "supplier" of the shop with real-time information.

Special functions

Accreditation check and illustration of complex price and discount scales.

High usability

Drag and drop links between image and product as well as content and catalogue page/online shop.

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