Heinrich Heine

With the perfect briefing on efficient catalogue production

The catalogue plays an important role in communicating with the customer. Therefore, nothing is left to chance in producing the catalogue. For the main part, important process steps are automated. But in the first step, the briefing for graphics and photography, the focus is often still on complex manual processes. This is not the case at Heinrich Heine GmbH, the Karlsruhe multichannel shipper. Heine uses Online Media Net (OMN) to manage article data and automate workflows for catalogue and e-commerce production. One of the most important functions here is the Patch+Brief module.


Product details

Central administration of all product details including the import of raw data from the ERP system.


Automation of processes for catalogue and e-commerce production as well as quick catalogue compilation.

Digitales Briefing

Digital briefing with the possibility of integrating dummy images and additional text-based information.



Efficient management and refinement of all product details including templates for independent compilation.


Heine-specific, automated workflows with task lists and a detailed overview of the workflow status.


Assets with the option to rate newly created photos and transfer them directly to the briefing stage.

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