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With News², you can bring your news, articles, events, service information or news from social networks to your customers’ mobile devices. Publish your newspaper or magazine in a media-appropriate, multimedia manner and in real-time. Because news on printed paper was yesterday’s news- “Live the news” is the new slogan. It is not for nothing that News² has been recognised as one of the best apps.

The right app for every type of news

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Live the news with News²

Your benefits at a glance


You get a comprehensive and sustainable mobile solution for all your news with offline use due to intelligent persistence.


Your news is available on all mobile devices (iOS or Android), current browsers (Mozilla Firefox, IE, Chrome etc.) and on Kindle.

Fully automated

Using the latest workflows, your news is fully automated and media-appropriate, so that it can be placed in the hands of your readers.


Thanks to multimedia content (picture galleries, videos or web content), you can supplement your news and offer your readers a completely new user experience.


The high level of usability and the modern design of News² ensure quick acceptance, both from your employees and your readers.


You will not miss out on any posts from social networks and you can provide your readers with this social news directly and as required.

Your readers are mobile. And what about you?

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